Finding employment makes life less Gray

The Gatton Star reports...


FOR MORE than eight years, 33-year-old Jeremy Morris struggled to find work.


But now he has settled in his new role at Gray's Furniture, he has a new lease on life.


Mr Morris started in the position after linking up with Advanced Personnel Management, which is a human services organisation that helps a wide range of people find employment.


APM consultant Gavin Homes said he was determined to find sustained employment for Mr Morris, not just a short fix.


"We're looking to continually support Jeremy through his employment with Gray's and we will for 52-plus months," he said.


Mr Homes said gaining employment had more than just a financial gain.


"His mental health has improved significantly...doctors are saying it's great medicine," he said.


"It's brought him right out of his shell."


After starting two-and-a-half months ago, Mr Morris now works eight hours a week and is thriving with the support of owner Paula Gray and their staff.


"I'm excited about coming to work," he said.


"Knowing I can go to work twice a week gives me a reason to get up in the morning."


Mr Morris not only delivers furniture but serves customers as well as completing a host of other duties.


"It's also helping my mental disability and helping my social anxiety," he said.


"I'm getting so many rewards out of it."


Mr Homes said he couldn't be happier with how things had gone.


"We're really, really happy with the result," Mr Homes said.


"We're supporting him along the way, but at the end of the day, he's the one doing the hard work."


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