APM works with employers at the national and local level to identify the skills required in a broad range of business sectors. Our team matches these needs with appropriately trained and work-ready job seekers.

The services that APM provides to employers are free. Federal Government funding in the form of wage (and training) subsidies meet the costs of APM supporting job seekers.

APM presents employers with a compelling solution for staffing issues.

Job placement services that APM offers employers include:

  • Pre-employment screening and assessment
  • Capacity-building and preparation for work
  • Employment engagement
  • Job matching
  • Job placement
  • Job analysis
  • Ongoing support once an employee commences work
  • Generous wage subsidies (subject to eligibility)


"We are changing people's lives. This experience will change theirs and I’m sure it will change yours."

– Blockout Blinds (Victoria) about the benefits of employing job seekers with disability.