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Career Transition, Management and Curriculum Vitae Coaching

APM is an approved provider of Career Transition and Management Coaching (CTMC) and Curriculum Vitae Coaching (CVC) for members of the Australian Defence Force.


APM’s Services

The process of separation from the ADF and transitioning into civilian employment can be both challenging and emotional for the member. APM can support the successful transition of the member from the military into suitable civilian employment.

APM Career Transition Specialists deliver services that are customised and individualised for each member. APM will ensure the Job Search Support experience is a positive one.

APM’s Job Search Support framework has four key components:

  1. Understanding You – the assessment and Career Transition Plan development
  2. Moving Forward – clarifying realistic vocational goals, managing change and coping skills 
  3. Get Job Ready – gaining tools, practical skills and confidence to actively job search
  4. Launch – the active job search phase


Career Transition Management Coaching 

This services focuses on developing goals and how to achieve them. Key services include:


Identification of Transferable Skills

The process of identifying transferable skills provides essential baseline information about the member’s vocational skills, competencies and capabilities. 


Stress Management

Stress Management issues will be addressed through counselling and education so that the member is psychologically ready to make decisions regarding suitable career options and to commence active job search.


Career Options and Job Placement Advice

The focus of Career Options and Job Placement Advice is to identify realistic and suitable civilian career options which are closely aligned to the member’s skills, experience and interests. 


Job Search Strategies

Job Search Strategies focus on the member gaining the tools, strategies, skills and knowledge required to be effective at job search in the current market.  Strategies include online job searching, working with recruiters, creating on-line job profiles, the hidden job market, and networking for success. 


Interview Skills

In today’s highly competitive employment market it is more important than ever to have strong interview skills. Success at interviews is about presentation, communication (verbal and non-verbal), confidence and cultural/values fit with the employing organisation.


Development of a Career Transition Plan 

The APM Career Transition Specialist will work closely with the member to assist them in the development of their Career Transition Plan, and will provide the member with a personalised ‘road map’ for career transition to guide them to the achievement of their agreed career goal.


Curriculum Vitae Coaching 

The APM Career Transition Specialist will assist the member to:

  • Identify key qualifications
  • Establish the most suitable Curriclum Vitae format and presentation style to reflect the roles the member is applying for
  • Prepare a short and long version of the Curriclum Vitae
  • Coaching on how to tailor the Curriclum Vitae content in relation to skill and capability to more suitably reflect the job types the member may be applying for.


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