APM increases 5-star service for job seekers with disability

DES participant Nicholas working after support from APM

Nicholas was supported by APM Employment Services in the Disability Employment Services program. See his story below.

  • Latest Star Ratings show APM Employment Services delivers better results for job seekers
  • More four and five-star ratings than any other Disability Employment Services provider
  • Employers and job seekers benefit from choosing APM Employment Services

MORE job seekers are receiving a five-star service from APM Employment Services than any other Disability Employment Services provider, new figures show.

The latest industry star ratings show APM Employment Services has more contracts rated four and five stars than any other organisation.

Providers are reviewed on their performance over two years and rated one to five stars on how well they help eligible job seekers find and stay in lasting employment.

Ratings are usually released every quarter with each contract awarded by the Australian Government to support people with an injury, illness or disability into work, given a rating.

The latest star ratings, which are issued by the Department of Social Services in August 2022, cover the service provided to participants on the Disability Employment Services program for the two years up to March 2022.

The latest results, which look at the successful placing of job seekers into employment in each contract area, give APM Employment Services an overall average of 3.98 stars.

This is the eighth consecutive star rating increase by APM Employment Services, which has 192 contracts, more than any other provider of the free job seeker support service.

Each contract is rated from one to five stars based on their performance. The industry average across all 1,803 contracts for the program is 3.05 stars.

The number of five-star contracts delivered by APM Employment Services has increased from 64 to 74 since the previous ratings which covered the two years up to December 2021.

APM team members smiling and working together

APM a top performer

Overall, 1% of APM Employment Services contracts are rated below three stars.

The industry average for providers with contracts under three stars is 31.27%.

APM Employment Services CEO Karen Rainbow said the latest ratings reinforce the dedication APM’s teams nationwide have to supporting participants.

“We’re delighted to see another increase in the contracts with the highest star ratings.

“These show just how hard our team members work in not only finding someone a job, but by supporting them into employment so it becomes a job that lasts.”

“We pride ourselves on delivering the best service for participants who are facing barriers to employment and for employers who now more than ever need to find the right people for their business.”

You can find out more about the Disability Employment Services star ratings here.

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Injury, illness or disability and want to work?

You could be eligible for help in finding a suitable job from APM Employment Services.

As Australia’s largest provider of the Disability Employment Services program we help thousands of people with permanent or temporary disabilities, injuries, mental health conditions and other diagnosed barriers which may prevent them finding successful employment.

If you want to find out more, register with us today, or call our team on 1800 276 276 for more information.

Looking for staff?

We don’t just support job seekers, we also help thousands of employers find reliable staff and access government incentives when hiring new employees.

If you’re an employer, you could access wage subsidies, plus funds for training and workplace modifications when hiring a person with disability for full or part-time work.

Plus, you will be enhancing the diversity of your business while making a real positive difference in a person’s life.

Find out more about this rewarding opportunity for employers by speaking to your nearest APM Employment Services team, or emailing support@apm.net.au.