APM's vision is to improve the lives of one million people by 2020, through the disability, employment, vocational rehabilitation, allied health intervention, community care (aged care and disability care) and assessment services that we provide.

Members of our team, which are located in every state and territory of Australia, as well as in New Zealand and the UK, are motivated, reliable and strongly committed to delivering outcomes for our customers.

The systems and processes that APM has in place are consistent with these values and are designed to ensure that APM constantly exceeds expectations.

APM takes pride in maintaining a working environment which promotes excellence and rewarding careers for our valuable and dynamic staff.

When anyone chooses APM - either as a service provider or to join our team - they can be assured that our organisation is constantly striving to achieve the highest possible standards.

Megan Wynne is the founder of (and driving force behind) APM. 

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