24 March 2017
PEOPLE with disabilities in Dalby now have a new avenue to work thanks to a scheme employed by Advanced Personnel Management.

APM is a human services organisation that specialises in helping people return to the workforce, no matter what their circumstances.

The company has ramped up its focus on the Dalby region, working with local businesses in the hope of finding 16 jobs for people with different abilities.

Andrew Donnelly, the CEO of APM, says the work his company undertakes plays a crucial role in the community.

"Often, people with a disability struggle to find work, even though they are often excellent employees," Mr Donnelly said.

"Their inability to find jobs means they are often socially and economically isolated."

Chris Walker is the manager of Woolworths Dalby, and has taken on two employees through the scheme.

When he found out about APM and the work they do, Mr Walker was only to happy to bring in some fresh workers, with that decision having an immediate impact.

"I saw it as good opportunity to give people work because they are keen and want to work; but all too often they are overlooked by potential employers," Mr Walker said.

"They are fantastic; they are keen to work and they aren't here because they have to be, they are here because they want to be.

"They work on the checkouts and their interaction with the customers is brilliant, they are so engaging and the shoppers love it."

For more information on the program contact Rachelle Thomas 0409653047.

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