09 December 2015

The latest figures show APM continues to score highly with an average rating of 3.75 stars in Disability Management Service (DMS) - industry average 3.04 - and an average rating of 3.58 star in Employment Support Services (ESS) contracts - industry average 3.05.

Key points:

  • APM's Disability Management Service ESA rated contracts - 53 per cent are rated at four stars or above, compared to industry average of 30 per cent; and
  • APM's Employment Support Service ESA rated contracts - 42 per cent are rated at four stars or above, compared to industry average of 25 per cent.

"APM continues to perform strongly as demonstrated by the latest Government star ratings," APM's Group Chief Executive Officer Michael Hobday said.

"Our overriding priority is to further the Federal Government's economic participation agenda by working with employers across Australia get jobs for people with disability, and help keep them working.

"While these latest star ratings are encouraging, APM will redouble its efforts to improve our number of five stars and overall rating as we continue working towards being not only the biggest, but the best provider of disability employment services in Australia."

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