28 June 2021

Craig is pictured with his Employment Consultant Ashley standing in front of their local APM office

The support Craig received to succeed, he now passes on to others

Craig started his journey with APM in mid-2019 with the team at APM Kempsey, over 4 hours north of Sydney (NSW).

The team worked with Craig to address some of the issues affecting his employability and assist him to get a qualification.

He felt his limited amount of work experience was causing him to be overlooked by employers.

Learning that his passion lay with Disability Support he was enrolled into a Certificate III in Individual Support.

“We supported Craig throughout his studies” Craig’s Employment Consultant Ashley said.

“Each employee in the Kempsey office allocated an hour of their week to work with Craig, assisting him with his coursework as well as his mental health.”

During the second semester of his study, Craig was fitted for an interview outfit, obtained his Working with Children’s Check, wrote his resume, and received his Police Check to get him ready for his required placement.

During his studies, Craig began to struggle with his chronic mental health issues.

“I felt I wasn’t good enough to complete anything and I really struggled” Craig recalled.

Although he had the support of the entire Kempsey office, and a local councillor, he questioned himself and was filled with self-doubt about completing his qualification. He admits he fell back into some negative habits at this difficult time.

APM Employment Consultant Ashley worked hard with him throughout his studies, Craig successfully completed the written component of his qualification in April 2020.

To finish his Certificate course, Craig had to complete his placement. With help from Ashley he was able to secure one.

Booroongen Djugun, a local Aboriginal Community Centre which offers aged, disability and palliative care and support offered Craig a placement position even with his limited experience and previous criminal history.

After three months of four days a week, six hours a day, Craig completed his required placement – with flying colours!

Craig excelled so much that Booroongen Djugun offered him an opportunity to continue working with them.

APM Kempsey celebrated Craig reaching his six-month milestone by presenting him with a copy of his Certificate III in Individual Support in the office.

Craig was able to overcome his doubts, admitting that at one point he was going to give up completely.

Today, Craig channels his confidence and enthusiasm from his lived experience into his work. He tells everyone who will listen “if I can do it, anyone can.”

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