In 2006, Ingeus Germany formed a partnership with the City of Nuremberg’s public employment service (known as Arbeitsgemeinschaft or ARGE) to assist people who had been unemployed for at least one year.

Over a two-year period, Ingeus Germany worked closely with 2,000 unemployed people to support them into work and provide intensive support once they were in work. Following successful delivery, they have since expanded their services across Germany.

Ingeus Germany now provide employment services in the following cities:

Berlin – supporting long-term unemployed people, lone parents and young people into work and individual coaching.

Stuttgart – supporting long-term unemployed people, young people, refugees and lone parents into work, including health and language services.

Cologne – supporting lone parents into work, including provision of on-site childcare.

Nuremberg – supporting refugees, and short and long-term unemployed people into work and individual coaching.

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