APM Employment Services

Employment Services provides services to job seekers and employers on behalf of the Australian Government, which are designed to place people into meaningful employment.

We help our clients to become job ready and once employed, remain in employment. We assist employers to find the right employees at no cost to their business and support job seekers in their search for work.

As part of our Employment Services division we are proud providers of the Australian Government’s jobactive and Disability Employment Services programs.

At any given time, we are working with approximately 40,000 job seekers through across Australia through these contracts.

APM WorkCare

APM understands that prevention and proactive management of injuries in the workplace is critically important to organisations.

Organisations rely on the work of our assessors and health professionals to help employees avoid injury.
We work with employers and their staff to minimise the personal and business impact of injuries and illness through prevention, education, rehabilitation and training.

With our extensive network of more than 500 locations, best practice service delivery and product innovation, APM is the provider of choice for many of Australia's leading companies.

APM Assessment Services

As a registered member of Australia’s National Panel of Assessors APM help people with disability overcome barriers that may affect their ability to stay in employment.

As an approved provider of the Australian Government’s My Aged Care program we deliver home assessments across the country.


APM Communities

APM delivers NDIS Local Area Coordination Services in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia, as part of the NDIS Partners in the Community program.

Our Local Area Coordinators (LACs) help people with disability, NDIS participants, families and carers to identify and access community and mainstream support services.

If you or someone you care for is starting with the NDIS, our LACs will help with understanding access to the scheme and the development of an NDIS Plan.

Assure Programs

Assure Programs is a leading mental health organisation for workplaces in Australia and New Zealand since 1989.

Assure works with and delivers services to over 400 core businesses from a diverse range of industries. To date, Assure has supported over 330,000 employees and their family members.

Assure combines boutique origins with global best practices to deliver genuine results in the workplace. Assure's extensive network of qualified psychologists - all with at least five years professional, clinical experience - delivers the highest standards of confidential coaching and practice wellbeing programs, all backed up by proven results.


Communicorp’s industry-leading programs recognise the value of a preventative approach to workplace mental health and the importance of ongoing improvements and results.

Through targeted programs Communicorp supports each employee’s contribution to a psychologically safe and healthy workplace.


FBG is a leading psychology consulting firm with a genuine commitment to partnership. We apply science-based and evidence-informed methodology to deliver our services. 

We partner closely with organisations applying our in-depth organisational and psychological expertise to:

  • Implement programs and strategies that lift individual and organisational performance
  • Create solutions that resolve complex issues and unlock potential
  • Build individual and organisational resilience
  • Enhance employee wellbeing and building a thriving organisation
  • Build the capability of leaders at all levels
  • Guide the review and transformation of organisations

Generation Health

Generation Health delivers personal injury and occupational health services across Australia.

With several well-established brands, Generation Health supports businesses with workplace injury prevention and injury management services.

Generation Health’s 350 team members serve a substantial customer base across Australia, including the Australian Defence Force via BUPA.


Konekt deliver a range of services dedicated to helping Australians be the best they can be in the workforce.

As well as supporting job seekers into employment, Konekt teams help injured employees to return to work and maintain their wellbeing in the workplace.


MCI designs, develops and delivers learning solutions and qualifications for Australia’s largest organisations, government departments, and individuals through the MCI Institute and MCI Solutions.

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