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Partnering with APM

Community participation is what powers us to achieve our goals.

Our focus on high-quality collaborations is reinforced by our partnership pillars:

  • Group Brand Positioning: promoting APM as in inclusive brand supporting social and economic participation for everyone.
  • Group Brand Awareness and Engagement: growing awareness of APM Group and the positive impact we have on the world across multiple markets.
  • Business Development: building new partnerships and commercial relationships. Creating opportunities to support our mission of enabling better lives.
  • Talent Acquisition: promoting APM as an employer of choice encouraging others to join our mission of enabling better lives and find more meaning in their work
  • Internal Engagement: Increased learning opportunities and collaboration for employees, building a cohesive culture by demonstrating our commitment to social impact.

If you believe that your organisation or event aligns with our partnership pillars and wish to apply for sponsorship by APM, please fill in the contact form below including a detailed sponsorship proposal.