13 March 2023

Pictured (L to R): Dimi and Claire

  • Dimi closed her business after an accident affected her capacity to work.
  • After completing the Career Transition Assistance program, she was hired by the Body Shop.
  • Dimi has since started self-employment, working as a support worker.

When we experience hardships, they can feel overwhelming and sometime isolating.

It’s not always easy to reach out for help.

Dimi had endured a series of hardships before she reached out to APM Employment Services in Salisbury.

Her circumstances had changed dramatically in the last few years, and she was highly uncertain of what her options were.

Dimi had previously owned and run her own business, but an accident changed her circumstances, reducing her capacity to work.

This unfortunately caused her to close her business.

Dimi was also the principal carer for three children, with her husband spending long periods of time away from home.

Not long after she began her journey with APM, a hailstorm caused Dimi’s ceiling to collapse.

In these trying circumstances, employment consultant Claire stepped up and became part of Dimi’s support system.

Searching for work happens amidst the highs and lows for life, and Claire and Dimi gradually built a rapport.

Claire referred Dimi to the Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program, where she was provided with practical support to improve her confidence and motivation in the competitive local job market.

The Career Transition Assistance program is part of Workforce Australia, specifically tailored to the needs of participants aged 45 years and over, to help them find and keep a job.

Facilitated by APM, each course runs for approximately eight weeks and is delivered both online and face to face.

Dimi continued exploring suitable employment opportunities with Claire, working together to develop a strong resume.

Claire also arranged for Dimi to complete first aid training, a Working with Children Check and National Police Check.

When Dimi’s husband returned home in mid-2022, this opened up a whole new set of possibilities for her.

With this extra support, she was able to seek employment which didn’t need to work around caring for her children.

Claire had heard about The Body Shop’s open hiring policy, where any candidate who simply meets the role’s inherent requirements can secure employment.

With assistance from Claire, Dimi applied for a sales role at The Body Shop and was quickly successful.

To give her the best start in her new role, Claire arranged workwear and fuel cards for Dimi prior to her first shift.

Despite enjoying her work at The Body Shop during the busy Christmas period, Dimi recently decided to become her own boss again.

Returning to work helped boost her confidence for her to pursue a new career path after her accident.

She finished her casual employment with The Body Shop and started working as a support worker in early January.

Claire could not be prouder and is excited to see where Dimi’s journey takes her next.

What is Career Transition Assistance?

We understand the thought of finding a new job can feel daunting.

Career Transition Assistance supports people aged 45 and over on their path to employment.

Delivered face-to-face or online by an experienced facilitator, it is designed to build your pre-employment skills and help you gain a competitive advantage in the job market.

Your training aims to give you increased confidence and motivation, a better understanding of the local job market, increased digital literacy, and a tailored Career Pathway Plan.

To find out more visit apm.net.au/cta or call 1300 276 282.


Anna Burchfield

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