APM Disability Diversity & Inclusivity Index

How inclusive are Australian businesses?

The APM Disability Diversity and Inclusivity Index (DDI Index) highlights the continued barriers people with disability face trying to enter and within the workforce in Australia.

Capturing attitudes, perspectives and actions, the DDI Index measures the state of Australian businesses in terms of their inclusion of people with disability.

For 2022, the DDI Index returned a score of 57.2 out of 100.

An increase on last year’s score of 56.2, this result still remains in the neutral range and is on par with the inaugural benchmark of 57.6 in 2020.

What are the real issues facing job seekers with disability?

The DDI Index sheds additional light on the challenges the 2.1 million people with disability of working age in Australia currently face in finding and staying in employment.

It also raises the issue of pay prospects, which combined with sustainable employment, provides a concerning disparity to the national average of working Australians without a disability.

Critically, the DDI Index highlights disparity in not just finding a job, but in ongoing job security for people with disability.

By providing this view of Australian workplaces, it is hoped the DDI Index can encourage further evolution in terms of attitudes and behaviours, and result in more businesses becoming inclusive of individuals with injury, illness or disability.

Download the APM DDI Index today to learn more about how organisations can address the challenges facing people with disability in Australia today.

Front cover of the DDI Index with a smiling job seeker

Impact of COVID-19 on people with disability

This research lays bare the impact of COVID-19 on people with disability. 

Conducted in May 2020 the powerful survey signals the extent to which people with disability want to have their voice heard, as they navigate challenges such as job loss, job insecurity, reduced hours and mental health issues.

Australia’s Disability Diversity & Inclusivity Index 2020

The inaugural Disability Diversity and Inclusivity Index of Australian Workplaces that sets the benchmark from which improvements can be tracked over time.

Australia’s Disability Diversity & Inclusivity Index 2021

For 2021, the Disability Diversity and Inclusivity Index returned a score of 56.2.

Although still within the neutral range, this is down slightly on 2020’s inaugural benchmark of 57.6.

This indicates continued challenges to greater employment and inclusivity.

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