19 October 2020

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The JobMaker Hiring Credit enables you to receive up to $200 per week for hiring eligible young job seekers.

The credit has been set up by the Australian Government to help more young people find and keep a job after the impact of COVID-19 and it is paid to businesses by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

If you qualify, you can receive up to:

  • $200 a week for hiring job seekers aged 16 to 29
  • $100 a week for hiring job seekers aged 30 to 35

You claim directly from the ATO

The credit is paid by the ATO for new jobs created until 6 October 2021.

You receive the credit by claiming it quarterly in arrears from the ATO, with the first payments expected to be made from 1 February 2021.

You will also need to report your eligibility every quarter when you make the claim. 

Find out more

JobMaker is operated by the ATO and APM cannot help you claim or access the credits.

You can find out more information about JobMaker via the Government’s detailed fact sheet available here

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Other financial support for hiring new employees

If you are unable to claim a JobMaker credit and want to hire a new employee, APM Employment Services can help you access other financial incentives.

APM Employment Services support employers across Australia find the employees they need and gain access to support funds through the Disability Employment Services, jobactive and ParentsNext programs. 

Wage Subsidies

As an employer you may be able to access valuable wage subsidies for hiring eligible job seekers through APM.

These subsidies vary depending on the age and circumstances of each job seeker and can be up to $10,000.
Please note you cannot claim JobMaker and wage subsidies at the same time.

Wage subsidies are paid by the Australian Government to help businesses hire more job seekers and they are paid out after an eligible new employee is successfully in work for certain periods of time.


Find local job seekers, fast

Your local APM Employment Services team can help you finding suitable job seekers who are looking for work near you and guide you through the wage subsidy process.

Our team will also discuss other benefits including support to give your new employee a good start and become a reliable, productive member of your workforce.

Plus access to funds for workplace modifications required for hiring a job seeker with challenges related to injury, health condition or disability.

Find your local APM team on our locations page or call 1800 276 276.



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