APM works with organisations throughout Australia, assisting them to promote and grow diversity within their teams

Through our network of more than 500 locations across Australia, we provide work ready candidates who meet your recruitment needs and diversity goals.

A diverse workforce is increasingly recognised as vital to the health of businesses. Diversity delivers a range of benefits including:

  • Increased creativity and innovation through alternative voices and cultures
  • Improved brand recognition and promotion as an employer and supplier of choice
  • Fostering and shaping a stronger team and humanitarian spirit
  • Meeting corporate social responsibility goals
  • Enhancing procurement and tendering opportunities

To find out how APM can support your workforce diversity needs, get in touch today or find your local APM office.

APM is your workforce planning partner

We’ve been helping Australian businesses grow for more than 25 years

Whether you need one person or a whole team, APM has more than 40,000 job ready candidates across Australia.

We know how important it is to recruit and retain a healthy and productive team. We support our clients’ workforce strategies, working with them to plan for, recruit and retain a diverse and valuable workforce.

With APM you get a single point of contact for all of your workforce planning and recruitment needs.

We make it our business to understand your requirements, ensuring accurate job matching of candidates and ensuring all candidates are pre-qualified and job ready. We can arrange upskilling and training in areas of identified skill shortages.

With more than 500 locations across Australia, we can help plan your workforce whether your business is small, medium or large.

To find out how APM can support your workforce planning needs, get in touch today or find your local APM office.

Want to be part of a successful team?

We value partnerships with like-minded organisations that help us deliver innovative employment and rehabilitation services.

Through our strong network of partnerships, APM offers professional training, labour hire and workforce planning services to clients throughout Australia.

Our long-standing partners include:

  • MEGT: the only national provider for Australian Apprenticeships Support Network, including apprenticeship and traineeship services and Group Training.
  • Programmed Skilled: provides staffing and training services to more than 3,000 employers and directly employs more than 17,000 skilled and semi-skilled staff.

APM’s partnerships are varied and based on our customers’ needs. We continually review future business opportunities so we can offer responsive solutions with high performance outcomes.

If you share our values and are looking to partner, call APM today.

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