11 November 2022

Amy and Stacey pictured in front of APM and ParentsNext signage, both women are smiling

  • At a difficult time in her life, Amy found support from the ParentsNext program to make a new start
  • Amy worked with her Pathway Planner to start studying for her dream career in property management

Amy reached was referred to the ParentsNext program by APM in October 2021 for support to achieve her career goals.

ParentsNext is a program specifically designed to support parents to balance their family life while taking the next steps in their career.

During her initial appointment at the Traralgon office in western Victoria, Amy expressed interest in a career in the beauty industry.

After experiencing personal difficulties, Amy took time to reassess her plans for future career options.

Throughout some of her early appointments, due to circumstances beyond her control, she and her five year-old daughter no longer had a stable living situation.

One of her short-term goals was to gain new housing and a stable environment for her and her daughter.

Amy’s ParentsNext Pathway Planner supported her with referrals to local housing support agencies and kept in contact with her throughout the process.

Once Amy had secured safe housing and made herself comfortable, she re-engaged with her new Pathway Planner.

After experiencing these challenging changes in her circumstances, Amy found it difficult to attend appointments.

When Stacey took over as Amy’s Planner, things started to change for the better.

Amy met with Stacey in March 2022 and began discussing the possibility of suitable employment options for the future.

Amy’s dream job was to work in Real Estate as a Property Manager.

However, Amy felt that this vision was not achievable and did not feel optimistic about how she could reach that goal.

After some discussions with Stacey, Amy decided to take the leap and in July she enrolled in a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice.

Stacey arranged a laptop and software to give Amy the means to study the course online.

Amy has successfully commenced her studies and has submitted all her assessments on time.

She is loving the confidence and knowledge this course has provided to her.

Amy and Stacey regularly check in outside of their appointments – with Amy often sending Stacey photos and text messages to show how she is progressing.

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You could be eligible for help in finding a suitable job from APM Employment Services, just like Amy.

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