We are proud to provide assessments for aged care support in our communities

APM is a trusted Regional Assessment Services provider for the Australian Government's My Aged Care home support program.

We provide timely and effective face-to-face assessments to support the health and welfare of people aged 65 and over. The support is also available to Indigenous community members and Torres Strait Islanders from the age of 50.

Our quality, accuracy and thoroughness is what sets us apart in establishing the support needs of older people looking to stay independent in their home.

Our dedicated assessors receive referrals from My Aged Care and visit the home of an individual to help determine the level of support they need, and guide them through accessing services in their local community.

We listen, get to know and understand what each person needs to stay independent in their home.

After their assessment, we recommend services from an appropriate local service provider. These may include assistance with household chores, shopping trips, social events, personal care and nursing.

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We are proud to be a member of the National Panel of Assessors

The Australian Government program determines support needs for people with disability in the workplace.

Our assessments are performed by qualified, experienced allied health care professionals and rehabilitation counsellors.

Assessments for the Disability Employment Services program are designed to assist people with disability in the workplace and their employers to access support services.

We strive at all times to meet the high performance standards. We’re dedicated to delivering the best possible services for people with disability to help them get to work.

See how APM Assessment Services helps deliver support for people in the workplace.

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