The latest Star Ratings for jobactive providers are based on the performance of their services from April to June 2020.

APM delivers the program from multiple sites in 18 of the 51 jobactive employment regions.

The national average Star Rating across all jobactive providers was 3.

APM’s overall average Star Rating was 4.

An increase from March's average rating of 3.89.

APM has the highest average Star Rating of Australia's largest jobactive providers, operating in 10 or more regions.  

APM currently has:

  • 6 jobactive regions with a Star Rating of 5

  • 7 jobactive regions with a Star Rating of 4

  • 4 jobactive regions with a Star Rating of 3

  • 1 jobactive region with a Star Rating of 2

You can find your local APM Employment Services team for jobactive on our locations page.

What are Star Ratings?

Star Ratings are given out by the Australian Government for each contract an employment service provider delivers.

This usually means the provider gets a rating on their performance in every region or Employment Services Area they deliver the contract.

What do Star Ratings mean?

Ratings go from 5 stars down to 1 star and are typically announced every three months.

Providers with higher star ratings are better at finding long-term jobs for their job seekers.

So if you’re a job seeker in a region or area with multiple providers to choose from, you can see which one is currently more successful at helping people find lasting employment.

If you’re an employer, you can see which provider is ranked best at supporting job seekers into work and helping them succeed as part of your team.

APM receives Star Ratings for Disability Employment Services and jobactive programs.

jobactive Star Ratings

Star Ratings for jobactive sites are issued every three months by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.

jobactive contracts are delivered by providers across 51 employment regions.

APM delivers contracts in 18 of these regions through multiple sites.

You can find more information about jobactive Star Ratings including a breakdown on individual sites for each provider on the department’s website

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