If you’re living in New South Wales you might be eligible for APM Youth Employment Services (YES) 

Through APM YES, we can help you with:  

  • a personal job plan 
  • your resume and job applications 
  • preparing for interviews 
  • access to training, work experience and volunteering opportunities 
  • online resources to support your job search
  • securing more hours or a full-time role 

We also help you access support with driving lessons, reading and writing skills, your health, your finances, housing and cultural issues. 
APM YES also provides ongoing support when you start a new job. 
We deliver the Smart, Skilled and Hired Youth Employment Program in the Hunter and Central Coast regions of NSW.  
Eligible young people must have finished year 10 and be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or permanent resident. 
Contact us today to see how we can help you get started and request to join the APM YES Facebook group to get the latest updates about the service.

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Have a job but want more hours?

If you’re casually employed or need more hours, APM YES can help you find the work you need

When you register with us, one of our APM YES employment consultants will get to know you and your circumstances.

We aim to help you become work-ready more quickly so you can find better opportunities close to home that suit you.

We work with you to give you more knowledge, skills and confidence to secure a job.

We have years of success providing employment services in the Hunter and Central Coast region.

You get to see what jobs are available near you and what skills employers need. 

Together, we’ll help you find a clear path to greater job opportunities and move towards the life you want.


Download your guide to APM YES now and find out more on getting your first job when you leave school image

Download your guide to APM YES now and find out more on getting your first job when you leave school

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