APM is Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services 

With contracts in 92 out of 110 designated Employment Service Areas, (ESAs) we operate in more locations than any other provider. In many ESAs we deliver multiple contracts.

Disability Employment Services (DES) is made up of two programs:

  1. Disability Management Service (DMS) supports people with an injury, health condition or disability, to find a job and stay in employment with occasional support.

  2. Employment Support Service (ESS) helps people with a permanent or long-term disability or health condition to find and keep a job with regular, ongoing support.

Across the 92 ESAs, we deliver 100 Disability Management Service contracts and 92 contracts for Employment Support Service.

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What are Star Ratings?

Star Ratings are given out for each contract an employment service provider delivers.

This usually means the provider gets a rating on their performance in every region or Employment Services Area they deliver the contract. The more stars, the better the performance.

Disability Employment Services Star Ratings are issued by the Department of Social Services.

What do Star Ratings mean?

Providers with higher star ratings are better at finding long-term jobs for their job seekers.

If you’re a job seeker in a region or area with multiple providers to choose from, you can see which one is currently more successful at helping people find lasting employment.

If you’re an employer, you can see which provider is ranked best at supporting job seekers into work and helping them succeed as part of your team.

APM receives Star Ratings for Disability Employment Services and jobactive programs.

Ratings go from 5 stars down to 1 star and are typically announced every three months.

You can learn more about the Disability Employment Services Star Ratings here.  

APM's Star Ratings

The latest Star Ratings for Disability Employment Services providers are based on the performance of their services from June to September 2020.


The national average Star Rating for September 2020 across all Disability Employment Services providers was 3.

APM had 192 contracts rated with an overall average of 3.67.
You can find your local APM Employment Services team for Disability Employment Services on our locations page.

APM currently has

  • 38 regions with a Star Rating of 5
  • 58 regions with a Star Rating of 4
  • 92 regions with a Star Rating of 3
  • 4 regions with a Star Rating of 2

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