13 December 2021

a collage of 6 pictures showing APM Disability employment services participants, in their workplaces, smiling

Every year APM Employment Services helps thousands of job seekers across Australia overcome challenges such as injury, illness or disability, to find sustainable work.

In the past two years alone, more than 120,000 job seekers have found employment through APM and the Disability Employment Services, jobactive, ParentsNext and New Business Assistance with NEIS programs.

With so many success stories it can be a challenge to choose which ones to share, but this year eight individuals with various disabilities were kind enough to tell their experiences of finding work through the Disability Employment Services.

Including job seekers whose eligible disability was a mental health condition – which would normally make stepping in front of the camera even more difficult.

APM is delighted with the results of the interviews taken in workplaces and APM Employment Services locations across Australia.

Not only do these stories highlight how different everyone’s challenges and barriers can be, they also reveal how valuable employment is to each person’s health and wellbeing.

Everyone at APM would like to extend a big thank you to every participant, employer and APM team member who took part in this latest series, which we’re confident will continue to inspire more people to keep moving forward and overcome their own barriers to employment.

If you’re looking for work and have an injury, illness or disability, see if you’re eligible for the Disability Employment Services with APM, or visit apm.net.au/job-seekers for our other job seeker programs.

Meet Alex

Alex found the opportunity to help people living with disability with support from the Disability Employment Services program.

Read Alex's story

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Meet Ashley

Through the Disability Employment Services program and the CROWNability program, Ashley has found a work environment which supports her mental health.

Read Ashley's story

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Meet Clyde

A steady job with a flexible work schedule helps Clyde manage his mental health and other life commitments. After seeking support from APM and entering the CROWNability program, his outlook on life is a whole lot brighter.

Read Clyde's story

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Meet Kristie

Kristie broke out of a period of unemployment with support from the Disability Employment Service program. After starting as a receptionist at Helping Solutions, she has progressed into a HR role, and is "indispensable" according to her employer.

Read Kristie's story

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Meet Louis

All someone needs is to be given a chance and Louis quickly became a hard-working and repsected member of the CareDX team.

Read Louis' story

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Meet Maegan

Maegan finally found a workplace where she can work within the limits of her spinal fusion. With support from the Disability Employment Services program and the CROWNability program, she has found a role to thrive in.

Read Maegan's story

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Meet Nicholas

Through the Disability Employment Services program, Nicholas has found the first stepping stone of his career. He is a "bright spark" and well-known to patrons of Healthy life Gym.

Read Nicholas' story

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Meet Tammy

APM assisted Tammy to find a role where she can showcase her work ethic, and work around her communication disability, thanks to the Disability Employment Service program and Steve's Bar.

Read Tammy's story

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