Joseph’s drive to find a job

All Joseph wanted was a chance to prove himself. A chance to earn a living. And to save up for his favourite car.

But time and again when he applied for a job and the subject of his disability came up, Joseph found employers weren’t interested.

“I just wanted to get some work - I was desperate to get some work,” he said.

Joseph lives with Tourette’s and also manages ADHD and dyslexia.

“Employers don’t want to know,” he said. “As soon as they hear Tourette’s they think the worst and they think I can’t do the job. And they really don’t just give me a chance.”

Joseph said challenges from his condition included becoming tired quickly and occasional twitches which he managed with medication.

With 1 in 5 Australians living with a disability, Joseph’s struggle to find employment is something tens of thousands of job seekers also experience every year.

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"It just feels awesome to
have a job"

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Finding the right support

Joseph found he was able to change his circumstances with support from APM Employment Services.

Eligible for the Disability Employment Services program delivered by APM, Joseph was guided on searching for suitable work, approaching potential employers and developing his skillset.

Most of all, Joseph said he was backed by a team that cared about him and his success.

“APM helped get me into work. They’ve supported me. They’ve got me everything I’ve needed,” he said.

“I found them really professional and really good. They really cared.”

"I just feel better, confidence-wise. I’ve got money now and I feel good about myself"

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A chance to prove himself

Through APM, Joseph was put in touch with Delron Cleaning, who were looking for a positive new team member for their head office and other clients in Perth’s professional neighbourhood on Adelaide Terrace.

With his charming personality, sense of humour and his determination to work hard and prove himself, Delron Cleaning were happy to give Joseph the chance he wanted.

“It just feels awesome to have a job,” he said.

“I’m cleaning the offices including the head office, I do a building down the road on Adelaide Terrace. I just give them a clean and a vacuum, mop, do the kitchen, and make sure everything’s tidy.

“I just feel better, confidence-wise. I’ve got money now and I feel good about myself.”

APM is Australia’s largest provider of the government-funded program, providing support to job seekers with an injury, illness or disability in more regions than any other company.

Last year APM Employment Services supported more than 50,000 job seekers to find suitable work with the Disability Employment Services program.

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