APM Futures - School Leaver Employment Support Program transcript

Lisa Couper: If you are an NDIS participant and starting to think about what's next after school? What are your goals for work? What would be your ideal job? APM Futures can help you achieve those goals and aspirations.

My name is Lisa Couper, and I'm a careers advisor for APM Futures, a part of APM Employment Services. APM Futures is an NDIS provider of employment supports for participants who would like to achieve their work goals and aspirations. With many years experience working in the NDIS world, our team has the knowledge, the expertise, and the experience to assist you in your employment journey. We will provide training to build your capacity for work and deliver real-life work experience and skills training. Your vocational identity is centered around you, what are your preferences? What would you like to achieve from work? We tailor a program for you to achieve that vocational identity so that you are in a role that you are happy with and enjoy.

We care about your employment outcomes, and we'll work with you to identify what work really means for you, and assist you to achieve your goals and aspirations. There are so many work opportunities for young people with disability and we cannot wait to show you and help you discover those opportunities. If you or someone you know is an NDIS participant, and they are looking for employment supports, please contact APM Futures via our website and complete a registration form.

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