APM is a global health and workplace services provider.

We help people find employment, improve their health and wellbeing and participate in their community.

Our services help people with injury, illness or disability, children and older adults, unemployed people, and those facing hardship or harm.

We're dedicated to making a positive and lasting social impact and enabling better lives every day. 

Around the world our teams now support more than 2.1 million people in communities across 11 countries each year. ‚Äč

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Australia's largest Disability Employment Services provider

Injury, illness or disability and want to work?

We help job seekers overcome barriers to employment and find a happier, healthier, and rewarding life through meaningful employment.

If you're looking for work, you could be eligible for one of our job seeker programs, including Disability Employment Services, Workforce Australia Services, ParentsNext and Self-Employment Assistance.

With more than 500 locations across Australia, when you come to APM Employment Services you're supported by local consultants who know the job markets, employers, businesses and work opportunities near you.

You get a personal plan designed for your needs, which may include opportunities for job-related training, work experience and other activities to help you find a job that works for you.

There are jobs out there. We can help you find them.

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APM Employment Services participant speaks about the Disability Employment program

Real stories

"I felt happy someone was willing to give me a chance"

"Shannon’s one of our most popular team members"

"Going to APM was just the best thing ever"

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Workforce Australia Services

APM Employment Services delivers Workforce Australia Services and other specialist programs for job seekers in multiple regions.
Learn more about how we can help you access the support you need to achieve your employment goals.

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Employment Services
APM WorkCare
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APM Assessment Services


APM Employment Services helps job seekers find work through Disability Employment Services, Workforce Australia, NDIS Employment Support and other government-funded programs.

As Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services, we help people with an injury, illness or disability find and stay in meaningful work.


APM WorkCare supports organisations across Australia with occupational health and safety, return to work, and workplace wellbeing services.

Whether it’s mental health support, physical injury recovery, improving workplace safety, or workers’ compensation, we help you keep your team safe.



APM Communities helps people with disability access community, mainstream and NDIS supports.

APM Assessment Services delivers Aged Care Home Support Assessments to help older Australians to live independently in their homes, and Residential Aged Care Assessments to enable residents to receive the care and support they need.

Why choose APM

We care

We know everyone has a unique set of challenges. We listen to you so we can understand your needs and provide the best possible service.

Trusted partner

APM is the preferred choice of governments and organisations to deliver services across Australia and around the world.

500+ locations

Across Australia we have more than 500 teams supporting people in their local community, so we’re always nearby when you need us.

29+ years

Since 1994 we have been helping people overcome barriers to find or stay in work and supporting businesses to grow.

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