Andrew's success through Disability Employment Services with APM

Andrew: APM, when I found them, did a great job. They helped me figure out my skills and what was right for me, and right from the start, they've been an amazing help.

My name is Andrew. I'm 23 years old, and I have autism and ADHD.

Part of my disability is that I have trouble focusing and keeping my head focused on the job, and sometimes I do need things saying to me a second time to make sure I get them done right. Not having a job meant that money was always playing on my mind a bit. I was consciously spending too much money. Sometimes it felt like there was a lack of purpose and direction. I was very nervous going for interviews because it's something I'd obviously never done before. But once I got the rhythm of it and the hang of it, I started to calm down and answer the questions with ease.

Jennifer: I found Andrew a job at the Munro and Sergeant Cafe, a very nice, calm setting. He started off washing dishes and progressed into the serving of people. Very solid shifts, and he's always at set times, so it suits him perfectly.

Kathryn: I've noticed a big difference in him since he first started to now. He's become way more confident. I'd love giving Andrew the independence to be able to come to a job, work, and be paid for the work that he does.

Andrew: Since working here, I've been able to save the money to take my dad on a surprise trip to New South Wales. If you're in the position I was before I started at APM, I would definitely say get in touch with them. They've helped change my life. It's incredible the work they do.