Chanay's story transcript

Chanay: I used to see myself as having a disability, but feel like I'm just like everyone else now. I'm Chanay. I'm 22 years old and I'm hearing impaired. Being 16, I was also diagnosed with anxiety and depression, just because the transition from going hearing to not hearing at that age, it was quite hard. Stay in bed, don't go anywhere, don't do anything. I was really down. 

I think it was the applying for jobs that was hard, having to go in somewhere and hand a resume in. And as soon as I was put with David, he pretty much found me a job really quickly. David comes in every now and again, just to see how I'm going. He's always asking if I need anything to let him know. It took me a while to actually get out the front and serve people. But now I go in there and I'm like straight to the register, serve people. 

Gary: APM have matched both of our girls, including Chanay, really well to the tasks that we expect the girls to do. They fit into the workplace really well for us. They're just fantastic. 

Chanay: Definitely happy within myself. Everyone around me has seen the difference. I'm very proud of myself, yeah.