On 1 July 2018, Disability Employment Services changed. 

Which is good news for job seekers.

You now have more choice and control over the support you receive to help you find and keep a job.

Including the option to choose the provider who will deliver these services and support you on your journey to employment.

If you were not with APM before 1 July 2018, you may have found your services provider no longer delivers your program, and the Department of Social Services randomly allocated you to a new provider.

But did you know you can now change to Australia's largest Disability Employment Services provider?

Now is the best time to choose APM

Join the thousands of Australians who successfully get to work with APM every year

We are Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services, with some of the strongest job placement rates in the country.

We help more people into employment than anyone else.

When you join APM, you’re supported by a network of experienced employment consultants who understand the local job markets in more than 500 different locations across the country.

As other providers close, we are expanding our Disability Employment Services network to help even more people find the support they need to get a job.

This means it will be even easier to get help from APM when you need a job that suits your circumstances.

When you join APM, you’re in safe hands.



What happens when I join APM?

Wherever they’re based, our dedicated team gets to know the local businesses and community organisations 

Our employment consultants spend time getting to know the job markets and employers near you.

So, if you have specific requirements, we know the local employers with jobs that would be most suitable for you.

We also work with local businesses to understand the type of employee they’re looking for. If you’re a good match, we will promote you to them and help you prepare for the role.

Meanwhile, we'll develop your personal plan and work with you to enhance your job seeking, resume, application letter and interview skills.  

When you do find a job, your support from APM continues.

We want you, and your new employer, to get the most out of your work so we discuss what support you might need in the workplace to become a valuable member of the team.

Want to learn more? Visit our Disability Employment Services for job seekers page.

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