Dale's story transcript

Dale: Well, I actually love the job, every moment of it. My name is Dale. I am 22 years of age, and I suffer from autism. I did find it difficult to get a job, actually. I was struggling for months. APM helped me find a job within weeks, if not just days. 

David: What we first wanted to arrange for Dale was a work trial to make sure he felt comfortable in the workplace. And also to make sure that the employer was able to work with Dale closely as well. Because it's more of a trust thing, for Dale to trust the employer and for the employer to trust Dale. And that's where we bridge the gap in the middle at APM. We're that middle person being able to support both parties, for him to then go into employment. 

Dale: Well, I do a lot of things. I make all the primary ingredients for the sushis, and that's just to name of few. And it'll help me build towards my future goals. Well, I actually am kind of thrilled, very thrilled.