Emma's job success with Disability Employment Services and APM transcript

Emma: Even if you want to give up on yourself, APM will not give up on you at all. They won't.

I'm Emma. I'm 44 years of age. I've had severe endometriosis with medically and clinical depression and anxiety.

When you've been out of the normal life for a little while, you want some normality back in your life, and having a job is normal. At the start, obviously, when you've gone through some serious things, you don't feel you have any worth and no employer will even employ you. There's lots of questioning into what you can actually do on a physical and a mental aspect.

Emily: What Emma had identified to me in the beginning as her biggest barrier to employment at that time was her anxiety levels, not just about getting a job itself, attending interviews and the whole process, pre-employment, employment itself, and getting into it, and we worked through it, through those things together.

Emma: The ladies at APM were lovely and they basically gave me a roadmap of how I could even contemplate going back to work. They kept on getting me to try new things. I went and done some courses through them, which was good, and it was got me out and about.

Emily: Emma is flourishing in this role as a store manager. You can walk into the store and see that her hands have been on stuff. You can see that it's her in the work that's being done here.

Emma: It's helped me to find Emma again, like I'm Emma again. Beforehand, I was not this person. I would rarely leave my own house. It's given me a new lease of life. I have worth now.

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