Leading Disability Inclusion

Download and sign your pledge to commit to increasing disability inclusion in your business.

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Leading Disability Inclusion envisions a world where everyone's abilities are celebrated.

Across 11 countries, we unite organisations to foster inclusive workplaces.

We're guided by our purpose of enabling better lives and the principles of inclusive leadership, business-driven inclusion and collaboration.

Join Leading Disability Inclusion with APM and be a part of progress and momentum in shaping a truly inclusive future.

Leading disability inclusion

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Our pledge to support disability inclusion

We commit to working together with APM to increase participation of people with disability, injury or health conditions in employment.

We recognise that Australians with disability should have full inclusion in the workplace and be given every opportunity to fulfill their potential as equal members of the community.

We believe inclusive businesses will help create a more inclusive society.

We will help make this happen by participating with APM and joining the hundreds of other organisations who have pledged their support and participation.

Access to resources and support to lead disability inclusion in your organisation

APM is a global Australian-owned health and human services provider. 

Our services focus on improving employability, health and wellbeing, and social and economic participation of people with disability in their local community.

By pledging your commitment to inclusion, we promise to support you in as many ways as possible. 

We can provide tailored employment and workplace support, including help with:

  • Identifying and shortlisting candidates, conducting interviews, organising work experience and trials, identifying suitable APM participants, and identifying relevant financial incentives and schemes
  • Onboarding and orientation processes for eligible employees
  • Workplace assessments, uniforms, tools, workplace modification and equipment
  • Capacity-building support and training to meet your workplace needs and build your new employee's skills
  • Fostering an inclusive workplace through education and awareness
  • Post placement support for both employer and APM employment services participants
  • Identifying future skill development needs and career progression opportunities