From struggles with anxiety to being voted Employee of the Year.

Beyond relocating from Albany to Perth – Georgie has come far on her work journey.

This award-winning employee was not always so confident, she continues doing the hard work which got her to where she is today.

It is sadly not uncommon that continually struggling to find a job impacts so many earnest job seekers.

After four years out of work, Georgie is working hard to pay off her car and save for a holiday. She’s found an incredibly supportive workplace – and more importantly, her confidence.

"I really think that APM got to know me in what I could do with my job" 

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Determined to achieve her goals

The first few weeks of working were fraught with self-doubt, but Georgie was determined her learning disabilities wouldn’t hold her back from her financial goals.

Working as a hotel housekeeper, her role requires organisational and timeliness – and even when she has days where she feels overwhelmed, Georgie remains stoic.

“I have my good days, I have my bad days and I have days where I don’t know what I’m going but I get through it” she admits

Georgie worked together with her APM Employment Consultant to build her computer skills so they could create her first resume. Then the all-important job interview skills, including learning how to market herself to an employer in an interview situation and what her transferable skills and abilities are.

It only took a few hours for Georgie to get a call-back for after being put forward for a role with Lorna’s company. And after a successful three-day trial, she was offered a job!

It’s clear Lorna is proud of Georgie’s progress, and describes her as “one of my stars”

"Now I’m working, I can really pay for my car, holiday and anything more that I want"

Working with confidence

Since finding Georgie a role which enables her to work well in her capabilities, she has grown to work independently more often, with greater confidence.

When asked what she thought about including people with disabilities into her workforce, Lorna shared some wonderful sentiments on her experience:

“I definitely recommended it because the thing is, it’s like you’re planting a little seed and you’re watering it every day and you see it’s blooming and then later, without even thinking about it you realise you’ve got an orchid that’s growing your garden” she goes on “and the difference that makes in people’s lives is rewarding”

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