How Disability Employment Services and APM supported Melissa into a new job transcript

Melissa: They've seen me as me, not somebody that's got a disability. My name's Melissa. I'm 46, and I have a low lung capacity caused by autoimmune conditions. It leaves some breathless. Lisa rang me up and she said, "I've got this perfect job for you. I can arrange an interview." Cam was great, and he pretty much said yes straight away, and I was just like, "I got a job."

Cameron: Coming out of COVID, there was a real lack of staff wanting to come back to work.

Lisa: We spent time getting to know Melissa and how her disability affects her from her point of view and what she could and couldn't do, and then we collectively tailored a plan to get her on her path.

Cameron: She hadn't been in the workforce for a little while. She had some health concerns. She wanted to work, so why not give her a try? And we're a community club, so it was much about being also involved in that rehabilitation of the community.

Melissa: I'm a kitchen hand. I help prep food in the kitchen, clean up, dishes, and help anything with the chefs.

Cameron: The communication between APM and the club has been fantastic. Nothing's been too hard, paperwork's been all completed and explained to me. Yeah, it's been very fluent.

Melissa: A year ago, I felt like struggling financially and all at home. I thought, "I'm not getting anywhere," and now I've gone to the opposite. I've got a bigger social network. I feel much better in myself. There's no stress at home, and the best thing, I think, I was relying on Centrelink before. I'm not anymore. It's the best feeling out.