How Tayla found a meaningful job through Disability Employment Services and APM transcript

Tayla Mitchell: Just because it's a disability doesn't mean you don't have any ability. My name is Tayla Mitchell. I am 24 years old. I was born with cerebral palsy and also diagnosed with chronic anxiety and depression.

Emily: Tayla was putting in a lot of applications and talking to a lot of employers, and unfortunately was facing a lot of unsuccessful job interviews or rejections for job applications, with no real reason given why. We worked together to try and see what we could come up with, with marketing and other job applications and doing things different ways. Tayla is working at St. John's Respect as a laundry assistant.

Tayla Mitchell: I call Emily whenever I need to really, and have a chat to her about what's going on in my day to day, and what's worrying me and whatnot, like that. Otherwise, we catch up once to twice a fortnight. I finally have a support system that was willing to push me into broadening my comfort zone.

Speaker 3: The feedback from the residents is always positive, and she's such a bright, bubbly person, and that's one of the reasons I hired her, was her personality.

Tayla Mitchell: I have brightened a few people's days up just by having their wardrobes reorganized. I do really enjoy it. It's allowing me to save for what I need, like a new car, rather than just not even looking at me, they've allowed me to show my worth and that I am able and willing and keen to work.