Jarryd's journey to job success transcript

Jarryd: This job has really helped me get over that confidence barrier and actually kind of a happy life. I'm Jarryd, I'm 21. I suffer from high-functioning autism, which has a relation of my depression and anxiety. It's hard for me to read social cues when it comes to people, so the interviews and that is, I don't know if I'm doing something right or wrong. It was really hard. 

Peter: Jarryd was a shy young man when he started. The help that APM provided in his training on site, really helped him progress. And his confidence just grew and grew. 

Kerrilee: I think a lot of employers hear the word disability, and they tend to get scared. Whereas you would look at Jarryd, and you wouldn't think he had a disability. So I think it's really important for employers to be more open-minded and give someone a go. 

Jarryd: I feel way more confident in myself and being able to do many more things that I wouldn't have been able to do before I started working.