Jeff's story transcript

Jeff: Never give up, never give in. I'm a firm believer hey, "You can knock me down, but I still get up." That's the attitude I have. Jeff's my name. I'm 64. I've had a disability in my back because of a fall. Because of the support of APM, I managed to get a job in aged care with STAR Care. I've been concreting since I was 16. All my life's been heavy work. After the fall and that, I mean, I got pretty damn depressed. You're doing a job that you've done for 40 years and that's all you know.

Troy: It's been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in this job, taking a job seeker from walking in to then walking out with their dream job.

Jeff: APM and Troy, they've made all this possible for me. I've put the yards in, but I've had good support too.

Linda: We have lots of people with intellectual, physical disabilities. As long as they're comfortable in what they're doing and they can do the jobs that's required, it's not a problem.

Jeff: I really enjoy it. I'm actually proud of what I do.