Christmas casual jobs for people living with a disability

A Christmas casual job can help you gain skills and experience as you work towards your long-term employment goals.

The Christmas period is a busy time for a lot of businesses, and many employers are looking for extra staff to help meet the higher demand.

This usually means more casual jobs in industries such as retail, hospitality and tourism.

A Christmas casual job can be a good way to get back in the workforce, earn some extra money or gain experience as you work towards your long-term employment goals.

If you're thinking about getting work over the Christmas period and need support, APM can help.

From writing your resume to preparing for job interviews and finding employment opportunities that are a good fit for you, our team can support you each step of the way.

Here's what you need to know about Christmas casual disability employment:

Benefits of Christmas casual jobs

Working over Christmas in a casual role offers many benefits, including the opportunity to learn new skills, improve your resume and earn more money.

Learn new skills

A Christmas casual role is a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience on the job.

Many Christmas casual roles are entry level, meaning you don't need to have any special qualifications or training to get the job.

You can take the skills you learn over the Christmas period with you into the new year, whether you're applying for a full-time position or looking for further casual work.

Transition back into work

If you've been out of the workforce for a while, a Christmas casual position can help you refresh your skills and transition back into work in a manageable way.

Improve your resume

If you're looking to find a permanent position in the new year, a casual job is a good way to gain experience that you can add to your resume.

When you have experience working in a similar work environment or industry, it can help you stand out from other candidates when applying for a job.

You can even ask your supervisor from your Christmas casual role to write you a letter of recommendation to boost your chances with future employers.

Try out a new industry

Employers from all kinds of industries and workplaces advertise Christmas casual jobs.

Getting a job in a field you're interested in is a great way to learn more about the ins and outs of the job.

While working, you can find out if the job is something you're good at and enjoy.

Your experiences can help you make better decisions about your next career steps.

Work towards your long-term goals

If you make a good impression during your time as a Christmas casual, it can help you with your long-term employment goals.

It may even lead to possible ongoing employment if your employer takes a liking to you.

Earn more money

Working during the Christmas period and over public holidays usually means more money per hour.

A Christmas casual job is a good way to boost your income, save up for long term goals and have more control over your financial decisions over the Christmas period.

How to get a Christmas casual job

You can find Christmas casual jobs by approaching businesses in your local area directly or by searching online. Don't forget to have your resume ready to go.

1. Update your resume

Your resume should show employers why you're a great candidate for the role.

Have your resume ready to go, rather than waiting for a job opportunity to arise. That way you can apply for jobs quickly when you need to.

Try printing out a few copies of your resume and keeping them on you when you go out, in case you spot a job opportunity.

To make sure your resume is going to impress, read our guide on how to craft the perfect resume.

2. Look for opportunities on job sites

Many Christmas casual positions are advertised online.

Try searching for Christmas casual jobs that match your requirements on job search websites like JobSearch, Seek or Toozly.

These sites allow you to set up a notification when a new Christmas casual job gets posted.

If you're interested in working for a particular organisation, try searching the careers page of their website.

3. Ask in-store

Approaching a local business in person can be a good way to make a personal connection, and it shows the employer that you're proactive and ready to go the extra mile.

Take a printed copy of your resume to local stores and politely ask if they are looking for casual staff over Christmas.

Be sure to present yourself in a professional and friendly manner.

4. Ask your friends and family

Many jobs are also filled through word of mouth.

Tell your network of friends and family that you are looking for work and you might be surprised what job opportunities come up.

5. Access Christmas casual disability employment support

Finding work isn't always easy, and it's important to reach out for help if you need it.

At APM, we help thousands of job seekers across Australia find work and succeed in the workplace.

Our dedicated team can help you prepare for work, find suitable Christmas casual job opportunities and plan your next career steps.

Am I eligible for employment support?

If you're living with injury, illness or disability and looking for work, you could be eligible for support from APM through the Disability Employment Services program.

We can help you with:

  • Connecting with employers in your area
  • Finding suitable job opportunities
  • Training and work experience
  • Planning your career
  • Workplace support and accommodations

Find out if your health condition is supported. Or call us on 1800 276 276 to get started.