Great job ideas for wheelchair users

Looking for jobs that are wheelchair accessible?

A wheelchair can greatly improve mobility and enhance a person's quality of life by allowing them to participate in a wide range of major life activities, including work.

With the right support and equipment, people who use a wheelchair can thrive in countless workplaces and job roles.

It is vital for organisations to be wheelchair accessible - the entrance and exit to their premises and throughout their internal structure.

There are many reasons why someone might be using a wheelchair including:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spina bifida
  • Cerebral palsy

No two people who use a wheelchair will have the same experience. Some people may live totally independently while others may need greater levels of support in the home and the workplace.

What jobs can a person in a wheelchair do?

With the right equipment and workplace adaptations, a person who uses a wheelchair can work in any field, just like the rest of the community.

Finding employment opportunities

During your job search, it's important to consider your unique interests, skills and experience. Speaking with an Employment Consultant can help you discover career pathways and job opportunities that are a good fit for you.

Returning to work

If you are returning to work after an injury or illness, it may be possible to return to your old job with appropriate modifications.

For example, adjusting your workstation to be more accessible or reducing the number of physically demanding job duties you are required to do.

Changing careers

If you are looking to change careers, you may be able to transfer skills and knowledge you gained in your previous roles.

For example, a person who previously worked in construction as a labourer may be able to use their knowledge in administration or sales for a construction company.

Different types of jobs may require you to undergo training to gain new skills and qualifications.

Best jobs for wheelchair users

Below you will find some examples of jobs that can be easily adapted for wheelchair users and people with physical disability or limited mobility.

If you need assistance with career guidance or finding suitable work opportunities, speak with one of the Employment Consultants at APM. We work closely with people to find employment opportunities that are suitable for them as an individual.


If you want to work in an office based job such as reception, administration or personal assistance, there are many opportunities available.

Your employer may be eligible for government funding to modify the workplace so you can do your job well. Modifications may include access ramps, adjustable workstation, voice activated software etc.


If you are looking for a home job, telemarketing or phone based customer service may be an option. Check out how APM helped Patrick find a job as a telco salesperson and set up an accessible workstation so that he could work from home.

Using voice activated software and a modified workstation, Patrick excels in his role providing knowledge and advice to customers across Australia.


If you are good with words, copywriting or editing may be a great way to use your skills. A freelance writer may write blog posts and advertising copy for businesses, translate articles from another language or research and prepare articles for publications.

These roles are often done as remote work, allowing you to set up an accessible workstation at home. Assistive technologies such as voice activated software and voice to text software can help make the job more accessible if required.

Retail assistant

There are many roles available in retail that can be adapted for people who use a wheelchair. Whether you would prefer working as a sales assistant, a cashier or social media manager, there are many accessible opportunities in retail.

Workplaces can be modified to allow for better mobility. For example, widening passageways between product stands and installing adjustable checkout stations.


Librarians assist the community with accessing information and resources. Most libraries are accessible for wheelchair users and job roles can be adapted to suit individual needs. For example, using a modified trolley to return books to shelves.

Looking for work? APM can help open the door to meaningful job opportunities.

It can be discouraging if you are overlooked by employers or unfairly pigeonholed as a 'disabled person'. At APM, we believe everyone has the right to a safe and accessible workplace. If you want to work but are having trouble finding a job, we're here to help.

We have seen firsthand the life changing benefits that working can bring and we want to help you experience them yourself.

If you are living with injury, illness or disability, you could be eligible for Disability Employment Services – a government funded program that helps people find and keep a job. Register with APM today and let's get started.