Support during the COVID-19 crisis

If you’re a participant with APM Employment Services the COVID-19 coronavirus has brought many sudden challenges to everyone.

At APM we’re committed to helping you continue on your Job Plan and keep you on the path to valuable employment.

If you’re circumstances change and you need support, please call your Employment Consultant or local APM team over the phone to discuss your situation.

Here you will find some additional resources and useful information to assist to help keep you moving forward as we adapt to the new challenges.

Money and support payments

The Australian Government has announced a number of support options for job seekers.

We have a summary for APM Employment Services participants here: Support for job seekers.

For more advice stay up to date via the COVID-19 support website.

You may also find useful information from the National Debt Helpline.

Your health

As the situation around COVID-19 changes a lot, it’s worth visiting this help page regularly:

You can also call the Coronavirus helpline on 1800 007 007.

Mental health support

Dramatic changes to our day to day lives can have a huge impact on our mental health. There are several groups who can help you if you’re mental wellbeing is seriously affected.

These include:

Please remember, if you are concerned or have questions about your APM Employment Services program, contact your Employment Consultant or local APM team who are continuing to work via phone and online to support you.