Top 3 benefits of working for people with a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD)

A a geometric image showing a human tensing their bicep

Musculoskeletal conditions are a significant cause of disability and have a strong impact on a person's quality of life

And the incidence is high in Australia - 31% of people living with a disability reported having musculoskeletal conditions, according to the Australian Burden of Disease Study.

Musculoskeletal conditions (or MSDs) are injuries and disorders that affect the human body's movement or musculoskeletal system; this includes parts like muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs, blood vessels etc.

MSDs are also recognised by other common names like 'repetitive motion injury', 'repetitive stress injury', 'overuse injury' and many more.

The pain, weakness and stiffness associated with MSDs can vary from person to person; even if you have a restricted range of movement without it causing discomfort, the apprehension or anxiety about returning to work can be the same.

It is understandable to feel uncertain about what types of employment are available to you, or if you can continue in your current role or industry.

However, work is beneficial to continued health and wellbeing and there are jobs out there that can accommodate your requirements. APM Employment Services can help you find that job.

A tiled layout showing various skeletal joint in the body, they all appear inflamed

The benefits of having a job can create a better quality of life. Below are the top 3 benefits of working for people living with a musculoskeletal disorder:

1. Less financial stress

Working can create more financial stability, and with that better peace of mind. Without the stress of limited finances, you can acquire the things that you want or need.

This includes greater access to treatments and medications that can further benefit your physical and mental health and help you to manage your condition. We support a range of conditions within our Disability Employment Services program.

You can have a greater feeling of independence and self-sufficiency. Also, It can also give you more access to do the things you enjoy socially with friends or within the community.

2. Better mental health

With physical disorders that have a long-term impact such as musculoskeletal disorders, there can be long term psychological impacts such as depression.

The social aspect of work allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment, purpose, identity and self-value. This helps to boost feelings of satisfaction and happiness. These positive feelings could make you more likely to want to (socially) engage with the world around you and have more positive ripple effects in your life.

3. More sustainable employment

Living with a musculoskeletal injury or disorder doesn't exclude you from finding work, and enjoying all the benefits associated with it.

Having a job and continuing to work creates opportunities to learn new skills and increase your knowledge. The more time spent employed in work, the more chance you’ll have to build a career and work towards any career goals you may have.

It all starts with the right placement, and having your needs and capabilities understood - which our employment consultants are experienced at doing.

With the help of Disability Employment Services, we can work together to eventually reach your current (or new) career goals. Whether that’s a more senior role, becoming an expert in your field, or simply just finding a rewarding and enjoyable workplace.

Man stretching his arm during a physiotherapy session

Disability Employment Services can help you find a job that will allow you to continue working without aggravating your symptoms.

There are skills and attributes you have that employers are looking for, and there are organisations and companies that can be flexible with work arrangements.

If you're wanting to perform work within the bounds of your physical abilities, and want to take advantage of the multiple benefits that come from having a job, get in contact with APM Employment Services to see how we can support you to find work which genuinely works for you.