Kyle's disability doesn't stop his potential transcript

Kyle: I was once told I didn't need to look for work, but I chose to look for work. It's not always about the money, it's about the wellbeing. I'm Kyle. I'm 35 and I'm totally blind.

Rhiannon: He came into APM after being with other employment agencies and he wasn't quite impressed with them. Kyle reached out to someone he knew along with APM and they went about creating a position for Kyle that he's now been in for over two years.

Kyle: I work with bolts, which are known as feet, putting tube ends and labels on them, box them up. If I run out, I have a doorbell system on the desk. I push that button and they come and supply me with more stock.

Scott: I heard he was blind and I was like, "I don't really know." If you look around, it is like, "What is he potentially going to do and how is that going to work?" We were constantly in talks like perhaps we could work out implementing a barrier system, or just something that allowed him to be able to get up from his desk, make his way to the toilet, which is a simple task. Everyone likes to be able to do that on their own. It was just having that independency here. We didn't really see it as a problem, but it was go down to Bunnings, then bam, you've got independency and the ability to work, but feel safe about it.

Rhiannon: Kyle is more confident in himself as well. He has something to look forward to now. He has meaning, he has a want to want to go to work, to earn money, to be a part of something.

Kyle: Employers, many of them don't think people with disabilities are capable of doing anything, but given the chance, we are.