Leonie felt invisible when she kept getting overlooked because of her disability.

Being supported by Alysha and Ryed has helped change her life for the better.

Leonie is 57 years young and after injuring her neck and damaging nerves in her right leg, she wanted to work again.

She felt her age and disability became barriers, which led her to feel hopeless about finding work.

For her Employment Consultant Alysha, she knew Leonie’s lived and professional experiences would make Leonie an asset to All-U-Need Pest Control.

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"She’s a wonderful person and an asset to our company"

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Small changes which made a big difference

Leonie’s story is one of great personal and professional success – someone who really found the right fit.

Likewise, All-U-Need Pest Control found the right fit too – someone who has become like family.

Leonie has faced many challenges and barriers:

“When I disclosed (my injury) people in mainstream didn’t want to know – it was ‘too hard’” she said.

What’s helped Leonie manage in her role while living with disability and chronic pain has been working part-time, a Xero short course to refresh her knowledge and her special chair, both provided by APM.

Having a chair at her desk which was high enough to support her shoulders and neck is just one of the many ways she has been supported in her role. This small adjustment to her workstation enables Leonie to work comfortably and productively.

Her Employment Consultant Alysha is one of the Leonie’s biggest supporters:

“I think people with disabilities bring an energy and a drive that just unlike any other – they want to work and they don’t want to be looked at as their disability.”

“Leonie was tired of being overlooked" Alysha said "the day I called All-U-Need Pest Control I had an honest and amazing conversation with the owner, Ryed. Within ten minutes he was willing to set up an interview to meet her.”

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"Going to APM was just the best thing ever"

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A very special employer

Alysha recalls the first time she spoke with Ryed as “the most supportive conversation I’ve ever had.”

It takes a special person to be as open, supportive, and non-judgemental as Ryed has been with Leonie.

When he was told Leonie needed a special chair, he went and picked it up for her!

“We never noticed that she had a disability, she fits in nicely with all the other staff and gets along beautifully with everyone in the office” Ryed said.

He has nothing but praise for her and her work ethic, saying “she’s very empathetic with our clients – she’s very understanding, and her customer service is excellent.”

"We're lucky to have her."

People with disability deserve the opportunity to work and to begin a new career journey – to become part of a workplace who see her as like a family member.

Just like Leonie has.

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