Maddy knows about overcoming life's challenges.

Growing up with cerebral palsy, an intellectual disability and epilepsy wasn’t easy.

At school it took the right classrooms and teachers to help Maddy become a strong, positive young adult with a dedicated work ethic.

But when it came to finding a job Maddy and her parents thought they wouldn’t find many opportunities.

Then Maddy joined APM…

"APM was a big help in achieving my goals"

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Opening doors 

Joining the Disability Employment Services program, Maddy had a clear goal when she walked into APM – to find a job she could perform well and with a smile on her face.

As part of her program, Maddy worked with a dedicated APM employment consultant, Ali, to form her personal job plan.

As soon as they met, Ali knew Maddy had plenty to offer employers.

“She was really dedicated, participated in all the activities APM provided and it was clear she was a people person,” Ali said.

Maddy worked with Ali to build her confidence and explore her career options. Including looking at work that interested her, such as teaching and working with children.

“You can see the best in Maddy when she’s around kids and APM supported her with getting her Working with Children check,” Ali added.

Unlocking potential

To find a suitable job, Maddy and Ali looked at potential employers nearby. By taking the time to get to know Maddy, Ali knew she had previously been to a swim school and approached them about any job opportunities.

With her positive attitude to meeting people and overcoming her barriers to employment, Maddy was offered a valuable work experience placement at the Marlin Swim School.

With her dedication, enthusiasm and positive attitude to learning new skills, it didn’t take long for Marlin Swim School to offer Maddy a job.

"A job to me is that I know that I can stand on my own two feet"

Key support

With her personal job plan and dedicated APM consultant, Maddy has continued to go from strength to strength.

Maddy and her family continued to get support from APM after she started paid employment.

Ali maintains regular contact including fortnightly visits to the swim school when she started in the role. As well as seeing how well Maddy was performing, Ali was able to speak to her employer and help with any issues that came up.

“When we saw her working and how happy she is in the water teaching kids, it was really rewarding,” Ali said.

More than just a job

Maddy’s parents also share her success as they had regular updates about her progress. Maddy’s mum Sharon praised the support they received.

“It feels fantastic to know that Maddy, for the future, has not just a job but a career,” she said.

“She’s actually going to be a qualified swim instructor which is something we didn’t ever expect.”

Maddy’s motivation

Maddy knows her strengths, her weaknesses and the goals she wants to achieve.

“A job to me is that I know that I can stand on my own two feet eventually,” she said.

“APM was a big help in achieving my goals to be a teacher.”

Achieve your goals

We open doors to employment for thousands of people like Maddy every year.

If you have an injury, illness or disability, speak to us today about how we can help you find the job that works for you.

Are you eligible for Disability Employment Services?

You may be eligible for our Disability Employment Services program if you:

  • Have a diagnosed injury, illness or disability
  • Are aged from at least 14 to pension age
  • Are at or above the minimum legal working age in your state or territory
  • Are able to work at least eight hours per week (with support when required)
  • Are an Australian resident
  • Are not studying full time (unless you’re an eligible school leaver)
  • Are not working at or above your assessed employment capacity

You can access APM Disability Employment Services through a referral by Centrelink or by registering with us directly.

When you visit Centrelink, they carry out an employment assessment and if you are eligible, they will recommend you to a Disability Employment Services provider. Remember to ask to join APM so you get the best service when searching for employment.

If you’re with another Disability Employment Services provider, but would like to change to APM, contact us and our teams will be happy to speak to you.

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