Maddy's story transcript

Maddy: One, two, three. 

Knowing that I am keeping kids safe and their little faces lit up when you talk to them is my dream job. My name's Maddy. I'm learning how to be a swim teacher at Marlin Swim School. 

We teach the kids about the pool safety, how to enter, look out for danger. That's what we teach them on a daily basis. 

Sharon: Before Maddy started working, she was a bit nervous about what she would be able to do. She was born with cerebral palsy and intellectual disability and epilepsy. She's had lots of things that she's had to overcome, but being with APM, they've taken her out into the working field. And they've introduced her to new people and to new skills, and she's blossoming now. She's fine. 

Ali: APM contacted Marlin Swim School, discussed the possibility of taking Madison on board and discussed with employer her barriers and circumstances. Employer was happy to give her a bit of a work trial. We contacted Madison, told her the good news. She was really, really excited about. I think her dedication and enthusiasm to get a career and start working paid off in the end. 

Maddy: My right side is weaker than my left, but I don't see it as a problem. I know it's there. I know have the issues, but I just keep going. 

Morrie: Maddy's fitted in well over the last six months, where she's been learning here. By the end of this term, we have her at the stage where she's taking classes herself. As she gets better with her swimming instructing, we'll want her to be able to do more classes. 

Maddy: A job to me is that I know that I can stand on my own two feet eventually. APM was a big help in achieving my goals to be a teacher.