Meet Alexander transcript

Alex: APM supported me through the difficult times, finding different courses and different jobs. I'm Alex, I'm 29 and I got autism. Not having a job made me feel like I couldn't do anything and the world was against me. I am a support worker. I go out and take people outings, or help them. It's a really great, fun job.

Speaker 2: Alex fits really well with the job as a support worker, because he has a really friendly, smiley disposition about him. At the beginning, he was a little bit more quiet, a little bit more shy, but as he has become more confident in his role, as he's understood what he needs to do, he's definitely come out of his shell.

Speaker 3: Seeing the spark in someone when they start work after a long period of time, believing that they couldn't contribute. It's life changing and not just for them, but for us as well.

Alex: It's always good just to give it a shot, even if you're in the shell, try and open the shell up, and just try and do stuff you want to do in the future. Don't worry about anybody else what's saying anything. Just go for it.