Meet Ashley transcript

Ashley: My future now, as compared to maybe 10 months ago, is just amazing. It's bright, it's going somewhere. I'm Ashley, I'm 38 and I'm a trans woman. I think the biggest maybe reactions were thinking it was too hard to take on a transgender person, all the hurdles or the support that's needed for that. At first, it bounces off you a little bit, but after a while does wear on your mental health a lot.

Speaker 2: Ashley came to APM with anxiety and depression. She lost a lot of confidence so we helped build that confidence back up by updating her resume, talking to her about job opportunities, purchasing her some interview clothing and doing some interview skills training.

Speaker 3: Ashley brings a really positive attitude. She's really hardworking, loyal, and flexible, and she's been an asset for us since the moment she joined.

Ashley: In the past, I just needed a job and I needed somewhere to be. And now I have a job and I'm working my way up and looking into different areas and sections of the hotel and the resort and I'm just confident and happy that I have all these opportunities open to me.