Meet Brian transcript

Brian: There are a number of challenges. The biggest one would've probably have been my criminal history. I work at Footprints Employment and Training, and I'm an Indigenous mentor.

Austin: Brian had some substance abuse issues. He came to me basically telling me that he just really needed some help. He was really looking for employment, couldn't find the right pathway and he said, "Brother, just please help me." I knew Brian was ready for work, but I knew that he needed some work and a lot of support.

Neva: Here at Footprints, we employ people based on, I guess, their heart not necessarily the qualifications. And, when we come across Brian with his qualifications and his heart, and the fact he hadn't been given in a opportunity really stands for everything that we stand for, which is trying to give opportunity in adversity. So, we built a whole division around Brian and his skill sets and the passions in which he wanted to follow.

Brian: The guys I get to come to work with every day, we're a unique mix of people from different parts of society. And, we just bring this crazy energy together, you know?

Neva: Brian's got a long history and a lot of experience in that. So, the value set that he brings to us is that life experience. He's been through the system and in multiple times and he knows the ins and outs of that from a positive point of view and a negative point of view. So, if he's able to assist us with our job seekers, to stop them getting incarcerated or re-offending or whatever the scenario may be, then that definitely adds value to what we do.

Brian: People let me go on these journeys that will hopefully lead them to the places that I've been led or you know, may open up a door that shines something differently on their lives, you know? It's rewarding to go on those journeys and helping them to make that struggle a little bit more lighter. That's what I get to do every day and it's... I'm happy.