Meet Bryn transcript

Bryn: It makes me feel filled with purpose and given a sense of direction. My name is Bryn. I'm 24 years of age, and my difficulty is language. I and my family came across APM. I got to meet Philippa. We got along very well, and she helped me to prepare for the interviews and present myself in the best way possible.

Philippa: We worked on his resume. We worked on his confidence skills. We worked on his presentation. We then kind of looked at which industry Bryn wanted to work in.

Wendelin: Bryn is part of our stewarding team. He fits in well. He's starting to open up more and more as well, to the rest of the team.

Bryn: The team members help me out whenever I need help or need to know something. It's a pleasant place to work in.

Philippa: It's like he's grown in such a massive way with that confidence. It's given him a whole lease of life and it's amazing to watch that journey.