Meet Christine transcript

Christine: I'm the boss of myself now. APM wouldn't let me give up. I'm Christine. I'm 56. I have a disability with learning and I have an ankle injury. I was down in a very, very hard spot for a while there. I could've gone either way. But, thanks to the girls and my boss, no one was letting me give in.

Shannon: I always encourage employers to give our clients a shot, because employers often will have people with a disability already working for them and not having any dramas at all in their day-to-day work life.

Lorna: Christine is completely a different person. She's got courage, she's got personality, she's very well present, she's got confidence, she's well playing in the team. And with encouragement and things, she is absolutely the star of the hotel at the moment.

Christine: I feel positive about the future and nothing's going to stop me, and I'll make sure of it.