Meet Georgie transcript

Georgie: I really think APM really got to know me in what I can do with my job.

I'm Georgie, I'm 48, and I have a learning disability.

Kerrilee: She had no self-confidence, and was quite anxious about entering the employment. Georgie's got a stable income, she's gained some confidence. She's actually won Employee of the Year, and she was voted by all the staff and supervisors at Empire Hospitality, so that's a huge difference in her life.

Lorna: When you see the way they're presenting themselves in the interview, I can say, "That person fits in with the environment and with the staff," because it's about, "I'm here. I'm not sure if I can do it, but I'll give it a go." So it's that "to go" attitude of the APM candidates that makes the difference for me.

Georgie: Well, now that I'm working through APM through this hotel, I can really pay for my car, a holiday, and anything else more that I want. I'm really enjoying my job.

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