Meet Kristie transcript

Kristie: I'm Kristie, I'm 29 and I have emotional personality disorder, AKA borderline personality disorder.

Speaker 2: Kristie came to a APM for assistance with finding employment. We assisted Kristie in finding a job by helping her with updating her resume, working on interview skills, and also reaching out to the employer to sort her out with an interview.

Rhiannon: Kristie, when she first started here, she hit the ground running. She initially started in admin and now she's in HR, which is really embracing her really analytical style of thinking as well as allowing her to creatively problem-solve.

Speaker 2: People with disabilities bring diversity. They bring a different way of thinking. They bring knowledge and they teach people around them to be more comfortable and to be more accepting from different people.

Kristie: APM helped provide the foot stones to create the foundations of my future. What you put in is what you get. So if you put in the effort, you're going to go far. If you just expect it, it's not going to happen because you've got to put in the effort.